This is a natural food coloring plant!  The scientific name of this plant is called Peristrophe roxburghiana.  It is used throughout Southeast Asia as a purple food coloring. In my country we call  ” Lá Cẩm ”  this is traditional purple color in Vietnamese purple sweet rice dessert is made by extracting the juice of this plant.

Today, I have expanded the use of this plant based food coloring to make sticky rice, jelly cake, cookie , and anything you can think of!  The color stays the same after it’s cooked, steamed, or baked.

la cam 4



All you do is boil the leaves and the juice in the leaves will leak into the water, creating a vibrant fuchsia/purple color water.  You can use this water to soak your white rice, or all purpose flour.  The longer you boil down the water, the more intense the color will get.  They have 2 kind of color ” red and bubble “.The best part is this natural plant based “food coloring” is tasteless so you can add any flavor you like and it won’t affect the taste or the fragrant of your food.  You can make a batch of this colored water to freeze and use it at your convenience!

Truly i love to using natural coloring from  the leafs , vegetables , fruits to make food , ít’s the best for your healthy.  I also using

  • Butterfly flower pea to get blue clolor
  • Magenta leaf to get red or bubble color
  • Cochinchin Gourd Gac to get red color
  • Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis seed to get yellow color

Xoi ngu sac mau vang hat danh danh - Viet Shan - Dac san Nui Viet

danh danh
Pandan leaf – green/ Magenta leaf- red or bubble /ardenia Jasminoides Ellis seed- yellow

6 Comments on “MAGENTA LEAF – Lá Cẩm”

  1. Hello Van,

    Can you tell me where you get cay la cam in tim, vang, xanh va do?? If you do have with all these plants, I hope you could sell some to me. I love to grow these plants. Cam o*n


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