first test syrup after 1 day cook

Hi Everyone , Mid Autumn or Mooncake Festival is today, yesterday i have to share with you guy how to make traditional snow mooncake  and i promise to give u the recipe so today …. I am here to right down my recipe , i know its latee, but can keep this in mind for next year or anytime you want. and also I want to wish all of you who celebrate a Very Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

I’ll type out my recipe below.

Green Leaves Illustration General Recipe Card (16).jpg

so the filling you can add any flavor  you like in it. with me i prefer

white snow mooncake with red bean or matcha

passion fruit snow  mooncake with mung bean pandan

beetroot snow mooncake with mung bean or lotus base

matcha green snow mooncake with mung bean base

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