If you are chinese, or have ever stepped into a bakery, you probably know what meat floss is. This stuff looks fluffy and smells wonderful, and often sold in big plastic jars in the grocery stores. Meat floss can be made from chicken, pork, and even fish. They are delicious eaten alone, or just a companion to con gee , or stuffed into sandwiches, and in fact, a lot of bakeries sell meat floss bun. When I was younger, we only eat this with porridge, Bánh mì chà bông (baguette sandwiches with chicken or pork meat floss) or eat as a snack , when grown up a bit we like to drinks beer with spicy chicken floss, it is truly a perfect match and some also enjoy with baguette sandwiches, and various other foods . SPICY CHICKEN FLOSS / LEMON CHICKEN FLOSS is a very popular snack food in my country, which goes well with any kinds of beer. It is sweet, salty, spicy and has wonderful aroma of the shallots, garlic, lemongrass and five-spice-powder. It goes well with steamed rice, baguette sandwiches or just as a snack….
Our Chicken Floss is prepared with chicken breast from the farm, without any oil. The process of dehydration with the combination of spices using modern equipment ensures a hygenic product with a wonderful taste.


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