Prepare ” Dua mon” my favorite dish for ” Tet” Vietnamese New Year

Tet Am Lich (Lunar New Year), Tet Co Truyen (Traditional New Year), or simply known as ” Tet”. It is the most important holiday in Vietnam, according to the cultural influence of the Chinese Lunar New Year and The Eastern Asian cultural sphere. Before Tet, there are often other days to prepare such as the “Kitchen God Festival” or “Tet Tao Quan” in Vietnamese (23rd December in lunar calendar) and “New Year’s Eve” or “Tat Nien” (December 29 or 30 in lunar calendar)

Tet is all about starting out the new year correctly. That means cleaning and decorating your house, paying respects to your family and friends and most importantly — eating well . If you asked me which of Tet’s many activities is the most fascinating, I would doubtlessly pick preparing the traditional food. Tet foods play a vital role in worshiping the ancestors, reuniting the family and receiving the guests during the first three days of the Lunar New Year. Preparing for these dishes requires one to be meticulous and attentive to the particular traditions of your area. As Vietnamese people are creative in the kitchen, the selection of Tet’s food is rich and diverse varying from region to region.

My mom  always bought and prepared loads of food in the week before Tet’s arrival because food plays such a large part in Tet celebration. Vietnamese people always make sure that there is plenty of food for the whole family to last for at least three days since it is taboo to work or cook during the first three days of Tet. It is also bad luck to run out of food during this time.

what is my favorite food on Tet ?

My favorite  food is ” banh chung ” or ” banh tet’  is sticky rice cake stuffed with  pork belly,onion , mung bean& seasoning wrap by banana leaf or la dong ,” Vietnamese ham ”  gio lua , nem chua,  vegetable pickled (onion pickled.. daikon, carrot, pickled small Vietnamese leeks ), and “Dưa Món ” is pickled vegetable in fish sauce ,vegetable picked  and pickled vegetable in fish sauce are often used as a side dish coming along with Chung Cake or fatty dishes (frozen meat, braised meat, boiled meat) for reducing the greasiness. The sweetness, sourness, slight spiciness of pickled will help to improve the flavor of the dishes as well as to help the body digest food easier.


 This is “Dưa Món”  pickle vegetable in fish sauce.  I love it so much …Dưa Món is one of these symbols that can’t be missed.    It has the aroma, flavor and sweetness of fish sauce and sugar; the crunchiness of papaya and daikon, kohlrabi  compliments the beautiful vivid color of carrots.

3 Week more is Tet holiday , so i prepare pickled vegetable in fish sauce in this week, happy to share this recipe to all you guy , hope you can make it success, you can store  it 3 to 6 month room temperature or refrigerator. 

300 gram  Carrots, peeled with a slicer
300 gram Green Papaya, peeled, seeded, slicer
300 gram radish , peeled, slicer 
300 gram kohlrabi , peeled with a slicer
200  gram Vietnamese small leeks
1000 gram sugar 
400 ml water 
800 ml fish sauce 
7 each of bird eyes chili 
Mix 2 tsp salt  and 1000 ml of water in a porcelain enamel basin .. for 1 hour 
Prepare small leek, cut off leek roots, leaves outside, cut stalks short to have 3- 3.5 cm long leeks, then wash well. then add 1 tbsp sugar soak in 1 hour 
Clean the leeks well again. Dry them in sunlight for 8 hours or using dehydrator for 60*c for 5  hours.
cu kieu
 Wash and peeling the skin, Cut radish, carrots and green papaya, kohlrabi into sticks or flower shape. you can dried them on the sun 2 to 3 day for them really dried, if you have dehydrate is faster to make , i put 60 *c for 5 to 8 hour.
cu cai 2
Add 1000 gram sugar and  800 ml fish sauce 400 ml water in a pot, bring to boil , leave it cool down ( done fish sauce mixture )
Put the marinade in the jar/glue, pour the fish sauce mixture into the jar cover the lit keep at least 10 days before sever .

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