Summer Sweet Desert – Che nhan nhuc, hat sen

What’s Che ?

Che is Vietnamese sweet dessert soup, usually served in a glass over ice shake  and eaten with a spoon. therefore, it makes a nice sweet treat for any season of the year, but best served during the summer time.
Che is normally made from different types of fruit and beans. Since Vietnam is a tropical country which is known for its various kinds of fruit, there are hundred different types of Che and even more ways to make them. The North of Vietnam has 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. The south of Vietnam has 2 main seasons, rain and dry. Just like fruit, Che is seasonal and exceptionally fresh.You can enjoy Che either hot or cold, depends on the seasons. Normally,  cold sweet soups will be served in see-through glass cups with ice on the side On the other hand, hot sweet soups is served in small bowls. There is no better way to refresh your body in the middle of a hot summer day than having a cool fresh cup of Che, and to warm your body up with a hot bowl of Vietnamese sweet soup in a freezing winter night.


Today, i want to introduce to you my Favorited dish Vietnamese herb desert – its called che hat sen nhan nhuc.  Most of the Vietnamese desserts frequently use coconut milk as a base, but this dessert recipe that I am sharing with you contains  rock sugar, coconut water, and four dried ingredients – basil seeds or  ( chia seed ), malva nuts, lotus seeds, and dried longan. These ingredients are available at any markets here. All of these dried ingredients have been used for their medicinal properties. According to Chinese medicine, the use of these four dried ingredients is to remove heat from the lung, cure cough and sore throat, counteract toxicity, and relax the bowels, decrease the body temperature and treat intestinal infections. It is believed to have an effect on relaxation, benefits to the kidneys, helping to restore vital energy within the body. How about that for a dessert drink…


Main ingredient is malva nut – Chinese herb healing is call Pang Da Hai. Malva nuts are mainly produced at  Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Capuchia, India and Vietnam  .

Its usually collected from April to June when the fruits become ripe & cracked, the seed are taken and dried in the sun. Malva seed  also called fat sea, because its cracked rind will expand & almost fill the entire cup once it is placed in boiling water, so plenty of water is required when the nut is cooked or soaked.  From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine , it has 2 major healing properties.

  1. Wind- attack by the lung. It can relax the bowels,especially constipation caused by internal fire, cools and disperses lung qi because of that, firstly it can used for  the treatment of acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis included by wind heart attack the lung . ( in that case  using 3 or 5 nuts soaking & making tea is highly re-comment
  2. Secondarily, it relieves sore throat after flu shot or wind heart attack cold included fever, scratchy throat, dry cough with out phlegm, voice loss, mild& extremely swollen sore throat …..

From my kitchen, every time making summer desert , I’m always making dessert with malva nut, long an , lotus seeds, basil seed,grass jelly … the most famous, healthy dessert called che nhan nhuc hat sen. You can make its at any time of the year for your family as it is good for your family’s health .


My ingredient to make my herb desert :
1/2 cup basil seeds-  or chia seed
1 cup lotus seeds
Malva nuts 1 cup
1 cup dried longan
1 bag rock sugar
20 cup of water…
500 grm grass jelly

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