“Hue Cuisine ” Chạo Tôm.

CHẠO TÔM is a popular dish from the central region of Hue, the imperial capital.  it’s a popular versatile item that can be used in different recipes. It can be used as a garnish, served as a main dish or acts as the main ingredient.  To make the traditional recipe, pork paste or Gio Song is added to ground shrimp. The pork paste adds flavor and moisture to the shrimp paste.  salt, sugar, ground pepper,  garlic which infuses lots of favors.  The pork paste richness to the shrimp paste without adding moisture to the mixture. During the cooking process, the minced pork fat melts and creates moisture.    

Chạo tôm, spring roll, is always the best finger food for party and cerebration at home.

Sometime i cant find fresh sugar can, then i use lemon grass instead. The taste is better if you use sugar can , the sweetness in sugar can will competed with shrimp paste when you BBQ in charcoal. We always eat with lettuce , herb, cucumber and fish sauce or just eat separate .

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