Growing up in Pleiku city, Vietnam, I was fortunate enough to experience wonderful food from many regions in Vietnam. Pleiku  is a small city. We can practically walk or ride a bike to anywhere. There were some great eating places that you can only find in corridors and alleys, so the best way to get there was by walking.  The Quang noodle house was one of those places. In Vietnam, it’s common to see people live and operate a business in their homes. This Quang noodle place is a small house. We would sit down on small plastic stools with a small plastic table similar to the table set that the kids here in the Malaysia play with. But what draws me here time and again was the noodle.

Mì Quảng  – Quang Noodle originates from Quảng Nam, Đà Nẵng – a province in central coastal Vietnam. This dish is a staple of this region, but due to its popularity can be found in most regions of Vietnam today. I always remember this wonderful mì Quảng dish. It has a distinguished look, texture, flavor, and it is served with very little broth unlike other kinds of noodle soup. The beautiful wide yellow turmeric noodle – covered with vibrant orange shell-on shrimps, fatty thin slices of pork belly, big chunks of spare ribs, Bánh tráng – sesame rice crackers, roasted peanuts, fresh herbs, and shredded banana blossom – is so appetizing, then serve .

From Quảng Nam – Đà Nẵng you also can chosse dry or soup Quảng noodle , chicken or pork.

You must try it, you wont regret. you can find a lot of place to sale this dish at Quang Nam – Hội An- Đà Nẵng city and my home town Pleiku city .

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