Today, i made a delicious Bamboo Charcoal Pork Burger for hubby. It was a charcoal bamboo bun encasing a Pork Barbecue Patty topped with a homemade mustard sauce with a side of spicy salsa salad and some shaken french fries with cheese. This is a totally homemade recipe from the buns to the pork patty and sauce.

My hubby said he really enjoyed it…

let’s try to make  bamboo charcoal buns its good for  your health and the color looks amazing too. Taste good too.


I use takesumi bamboo charcoal for this recipe.

Copy from Takesumi bamboo charcoal

Takesumi or carbonized bamboo is well known in Japan but is just now becoming well known in the US. To put it simply- it is derived from bamboo that is carbonized under very specify conditions. Most of the literature on it is from the orient and a little hard to decipher. Many physicians have reported it working against heavy metal toxicity, chemicals, and often food sensitivities. We look at it as a supreme detoxification product. It also appears to adsorb co-toxins and antitoxins (and other bio toxins) from various organisms, take a load off the liver and kidneys and thus act in an anti-aging fashion. It is also reported to adsorb radiation (radon, nuclear, etc.).

It does have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties but not as strong as the other Supreme Nutrition antimicrobial (Morinda, Melia, Vital Guard, Golden Thread, etc.). Because of the porous nature of the bamboo, it is an amazing absorbed (up to 10x more so than wood treated similarly, according to many sources). Research from Japan claims it emits far infrared rays (thus improving circulation) as well as negative ions and shields the body from EMF’s. It also is a natural source of minerals (macro and trace) and is reported to be alkalizing.

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