images (2).jpgkhkhkTradition Coconut jam is the great combination of coconut meat and sugar. My grandmother and my auntie often made this jam to serve to guests visiting my house during Tet – New Year Vietnam. Believe me, this extraordinary jam could beguile even the hardest to please guest and home-made jam not only shows the skill of housewives but also ensures hygiene and food safety. The ingredients for this dish are so simple.  You have to prepare coconut meat, white sugar, and vanilla or some instant sweet milk . You should choose “Banh Te” Coconut, which is neither young nor old. Cut slice not to thick about 1 mm & wash the coconut carefully before cooking. Afterwards, pour all the sliced coconut meat into a bowl, add sugar and mix well. Wait about 5 to 6 hours for the coconut to absorb the sweetness of the white sugar. When the sliced coconut turns transparent, pour it all into a big pan, add some food color and cook on a small heat. You should pay close attention and stir frequently until the coconut meat is  almost dried then add some vanilla extract and stir until it dries.

Dry them for an hour then you can store it in jars and keep it for months. Traditional coconut jam just has a simple white color, you can change their color, like green with pandan leaf, pink or red color with beetroot..brown you could try to make it with coffee. Follow my recipe and try to make this most wonderful jam to amaze your family and guests. Have fun, you guys. Ingredient : 1 kg coconut meat. 400 – 450 gr white sugar. 3-5 milk vanilla extra. food color…

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