Vietnamese baguette

Bánh mì is not only my favorite food but also familiar to Vietnamese people.Available almost everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City,and my country, banh mi is simple, also a quintessential Vietnamese dish that you should never miss out on.
Commonly well-known along with Phở, Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, called bánh mì, have attracted a growing fan base around the word. The uniqueness of Banh mi not only lies within the light and crispy baguette, but also the variation of Vietnam fillingsthat bring out the most amazing flavor.

Bánh mì is quick and tasty, filled with greens and a choice of fillings, including pâté and freshly made omelet, is so delicious that it’s been imitated around the world.
In the north, chefs stick to the basic elements of carbohydrate, fat and protein—bread, margarine and pate, chả lụa (pork ham) but head south& in central VN bánh mì may contain a more colorful combination of phô mai bò cười ( laughing cow chesse), pickled vegetables, sausage, trứng ốp la (fried egg), fresh cilantro and chili sauce, chả lụa( pork ham), thịt nướng( pork bbq), heo quay (roasted pork belly), cha ca (fried fish with turmeric and dill), xúi mại(meatballs), xá xíu (Chinese barbecued pork), hot chilli, soy sauce.

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Be prepared for long waiting lines of this popular Banh Mi store for both locals and tourists


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